• Limited art phone

    11.3cm long, 5.2cm wide,2.9cm thick, about 200g in weight.

  • Grand bond artwork FLYING DRAGON

    2.26M long, 1.26m wide, 2.75m thick. The length of the eagle wings is 2.06m

  • Bond carving dragon boat SMOOTH SAILBOAT

    2.18m long, 1.28m wide, 1.70m tall.

  • Grand bond carving artwork TO SCALE YOUR NEW HEIGHTS

    1.68m long, 1.28m wide, 2.50m tall.

  • Grand relief artwork DREAM•ASIA GAME

    18m tall,about 5 floors in height,10m wide.

  • Bond carving ball for the movie Huabi

    The bond carving model at the movie is 2.28m in diameter, 2m for the root section.