A vivid bone carving lecture impressed our overseas students

On 11th May of 2012, Professor Zhang Pinggong introduced Micheal Sui, who is a CPPCC member in Guangdong, bone crafts master,also the builder of Micheal Sui, to give our oversea students a vivid lecture on bond carving. The lecture is held on the 106 hall of No.7 teaching building, almost 150 students who took part in the lecture, coming from 20 or more countries and areas. Among them,there were some students from Bangkok University. The president of Overseas Education College and some stuff also took part in it. The interpreter was Chen Qiong, from Translation College.The lecture was presided at by Mr. Liang Xuehong. First of all, he showed the warmest welcome for Su's coming. And then, he made a simple introduce for Su. Finally, as a representative, he sent a delicate china to Su as a gift, while Su also gave a bone carving handicraft as return.
  Su lectured the history of ivory carvings, the influence as time goes by and its status nowadays according to the developments of Ivory (bone) carvings. He has mixed the traditional carving techniques with modern cultures, so that to carry forward the innovation of bone carvings. Next, he showed some of the excellent artworks along periods, including the auspicious dragon(car), bone carving Avatar.
At same time, in order to make students more impressed, Su also prepared some raw materials and tools, he appealed students to make a self-character work with them. Among them, the top four students also gained the gifts from Su.
The final part of the lecture, it was a Q&A interaction. Su answered students' questions very gently and patiently. After that, all the students knew more and further about the traditional Lingnan cultures.