Li Lanqing affirms traditional techniques and should lead an innovation way

Someone used to asked me,whether with new materials and techniques, seal cutting has a qualitative change or not. My answer is SURE. Li Lanqing is always affirming the traditional techniques and believe that it should be led an innovation way.

The vice president of the standing committee of CCCPC political bureau and the state council, former deputy prime minister, Li Lanqing is living a colorful art life after his retirement. Not only music, but seal cutting, he devotes his daily time to them. On 17th March, his personal engraving and hand writing display opened in the Guangxi National Museum. At the opening, Li talked about everything with seal cutting.
Produced over 800 seal cutting works within 9 years.
He sadi,when he was young, he was very interested with seal cutting. He used to learning to do with storms and decorating knives. After he retired, he made a plan to re-start his early interests, finally, he was addicted. And now, he keep moving on his interest day and night,what's more, he is becoming more and more fascinate and professional, has completed over 800 works within 9 yrs. Li has also innovated some new techniques. The materials he uses includes shoushan stone, artificial stone, china and brick, while the ways of seal cutting are lacquer art, screw, paint, gild technique etc, which make the techniques more innovative of generation.
  Advice the youth learn more literature and art
Li said, I have a strong feel that Chinese words are grand during my creation. On the other hand, he felt the threats that computer had brought when he typed. The display was estimated about half an month in Guangxi, in the period, he got some messages from the local youth. He read carefully and very graceful. But there was also pity that when someone said that they couldnot write a fluent Chinese charcter.
Due to the wind of computer using among the young, Li advised that relative institutions should design two computer softwares. One is the seal character, when they use computers, they can check how to write, they could give you the feedback. The other is the seal techniques, which teaches you how carve. What I want to said is that via the softwares, you not only play games but also know the way to write. What's more, you can also cultivate your culture, stimulate to crate. Only when you love it, you get the thoughts of innovation, since every artwork is unique.
Someone used to asked me,whether with new materials and techniques, seal cutting has a qualitative change or not. My answer is SURE. What I want to ask is that the knife now we use is the one Qi Baishi used? What we used are carbon steel and alloy steel. Why did you give up the knife kind of Qi? Now we have more effective,like electric, laser, they are better. The president of South Korea, Li Mingbo was very happy when he got a seal which I made only for him at his visiting China.
Li said, it was the first time that he expresses his thought on public. From his point of view, he supports to enrich the horizon, innovate art,lower the threshold, so that more and more people would join us. At the meanwhile, he advice that the young should learn more literature and art, seal cutting. About the use of the seal cutting, he has a longer prospect and ideas. Like exchanging the rings in a wedding, we could have the same way-- exchange seals. Seal is also a signal or letter, exchanges when get marriage, and returns when divorce. some other locations,such as golden marriage for parents, celebrating birthday,etc. Seals are perfect souvenirs from their children. Besides, we can also using the method of Chinese Seal in the 2008 Olympics, apply our seal cutting to brand or marks. In these ways, we also highlight our country's culture around the world!