As an official partner, Micheal Sui made a teahouse bone ball

Paid highly attention among public, the movie HUABI was on within the China Mainland. The design of scenes was very amazing like you were are in fairyland. Green mountains, clean rivers and currents,showed us a picture or drawing of nature. The teahouse and buildings was surrounded with rivers and trees, the study room was fabulous decorating. When enjoying the movie, you would be as if in the fairyland.

  In the movie, the teahouse is the meeting hall, it was also an very important place that the three main actors who broke into and selected soul mates.
  And today, Michael Sui specifically built a bone carving ball during the creators of Huabi when they promoted. The design was based on the scene of the teahouse in the movie. The work is round, and covers with beautiful lines, including auspicious cloud, flying phoenix and flowers. There are three layers, each layer could move independently.