A Five-Floor Height Relief Artwork Was Kept in Changle Primary School

This amazing artwork was completed by 58 primary students.
It was about 9:00 AM yesterday, people was around in the Changle Primary School in Tianhe Area. At this moment, here came the theme activity-- Carry out the citizen treaty, Be a good host. The meanwhile, Su Zhongyan, who is a famous folk artist led a opening ceremony with 58 students for a grand relief. The theme of this biggest relief is based on the Asian Games.
The opening of the relief
Under a high and tall cotton tree, 20 more boys and girls were smiling happily. They were playing games, making handprints. Yesterday, the opening ceremony was held under the surroundings like of harmony. Even though the relief was covering in a higher place, the details are very clearly and interesting, it is incredible that it was finished by the kids.
The third handprint belongs to me, I am so proud of my cotton tree. One of the boys, Tian Yuan said with pride. He thoughts it is difficult to learn relief. For example, when you are painting, what you have to consider is not only how to draw better, but also to get an easier way to relief.
And now, the promise has come true since 2 years passed. In the early of 2009, Changle Primary School opened up the bone carving art lessons, Su, the famous bone sculpture artist would give the lectures. At that time, this was the first class on this area in China. In order to remember it, Su answered to finished a remarkable work with students here also could be a gift for the Guangzhou Asian Games. And now, it was here.Su introduced, in order to make it perfect and meaningful, all the pictures and designs were selected among 200 more drawings from the kids. Those pictures which are selected were making small models with earth, finally, the small models were carved by specialists, sticked on wall. It was difficult for kids to handle the scale, so that our stuff replaced in post production without changing originals.
Su said that the art lesson would have an expansion next year, not limited primary school,but also middle school and high school students. Some of the parents were worried about the safety during kids' productions. Besides, pupils are not well at digging the further meaning of our works our spirits. Even though problems above are not the main ones. He made a joke that in foreign countries, pupils are also playing with electric saw. Thus, the more you direct, the better they could take advantage of. Actually, if you don't work for this area but you insist on study, you are also standing for the traditions and deeply understanding compared with those not.On the other hand, like any of Chinese family industry, bone carving technique should be carried forward within a family. But now, faced with a fading status of carving technique, we hope to appeal more pupils, more young generation to learn more, to keep it moving on. That is the right reason that we open up the lesson.