Diamond At Price of Millions Decorated the Dragon Car

Yesterday, Mr. Zheng Chuhui, the president of the 16th Asian games reception hotel- Guangzhou Valley View Hot Spring Resort donated a South African diamond, helped o decorate the Auspicious Dragon, which was made by Micheal Sui group. Vice president of the Guangzhou CPPCC Ping Xinguang attended the event. The weight of the main diamond was each 2 carat, the rest was about 6 carats, summed up to 10 carats, they were worth of 2 million RMB. Chen Xiaomin, the champion of Olympics weightlifting, unveiled the opening ceremony. Ping and Gu Shiyang lit up dragon's eyes with hot spring waters. Now, the car would displayed at Grandview Mall. Despite of display, the car would also hold a charity auction. All the income gaining from the auction would be donated to the Asian Games.