Bone carving artworks appeared at the Guangzhou Fair

In recent 3 years, there were 12 masters, they have been working day and night, using about 30 thousand of cow bones, completed an artwork named TO SCALE YOUR NEW HEIGHTS. Its weight is about 1 ton, at the price of the 3.8million RMB. It shocked at the Guangzhou Fair.


  On the same time, another bone eagle was on display. Don't be ease to guess its price. The ower said that mouth could exchange or equal to a luxury car.
It is the great time for folk handicrafts and gifts to carry forward. It is proved at 2009 Guangzhou Fair.. Su Zhongyang is very popular among the public, as well as his artworks. The works above were both produced by his group. The eagle was on display first time. It is introduced that there were 17 masters who spent half an year to complete. Over 3700 pieces of feather on the eagle's body, made of mammoth bone(the neck) and ox bones. The value of its neck is about a million. Ruby is in the eyes, rare material in the mouth. All measure is equal to a luxury car.
Su said, it was the most speed eagle in the world. After finishing, the eagle was setting on the top of a Porsche. He had driven for 3 times, but never drive it now at all. Once upon a time, a passerby was running after him when he was driving the Porsche on Guangyuan Express. Another time, a policeman stopped him in order to have a look on it.
Su admitted that a rich was willing to get the eagle car once,despite of the high price. But Su didn't sell it. A Porsche was only a piece of cake compared with the car. He sadi, he didn't care about the price, but the status it should be. And due to its name, the Shenzhen Government paid a highly attention on it and plan to put in the Great Hall of People.
The other work on display was the yellow crane tower. It was finished before the day of Guangzhou Fair. It was based on the realistic yellow crane tower on the scale. Every floor has a light so that it could be lighted. Even though it was 1 ton, it was very popular among foreign buyers. It is said that the order of it was flowing like current.