The huge eagle shocked the Guangzhou Fair, a work for celebrating the National Holiday

  It was a measure, a treasure, even every tiny piece of its body, said the journalist Li Guohui. From eyes to mouth, even the wood it is standing, are all sign of luxury. Even though it doesn't reach one tenth of the scale compared with a Porsche, its value is twice of a Porsche. It was a new landmark for the bone carving artwork, replacing the static and mild image, the eagle was much wilder and caught everyone's eyes in the 2009 Guangzhou Fair.
The eagle was displayed on the 2nd floor of the showroom in Tianhe District. Su Zhongyang ,one of the exhibitor, also the producer of the eagle, told that the eagle was completed by 10 more masters in almost half fan year. As a celebrating gifts, it was finished before the National Holiday, and today it is the first time to be in front of the public.
Even though the eagle's body is not so big, according to my experience, it was the most difficult work to us. In a word, it was a challenge. Before we started, I had observed the postures that an eagle would show, finally, we draw a craft.
Su explained that, every tiny feather on the body was different, made of ox bones, as well as the wood where it is standing. There are over 3700 pieces of feather all carving hand by hand. It is reported that the claw and mouth are made of rare cow horn, eyes are filled with rubies, the mouth, as big as a thumb, could exchange a middle class car. And now, they are trying to communicate with the Shenzhen Government to bid and gain the eagle to stay in the great hall of people.