When ivory met eagle, rubies came eyes.

Recently, the latest Shenzhen Gifts, handicrafts and housewhole exhibition is on show, it lasts for 4 days. Business groups at home and abroad take part in and over 120 thousand visitors per day.
On the exhibition, we have proved that it is a big time to the folk arts and techniques to sparkle.
Here we see the huge eagle which was made of mammoth and cow bones.
Su Zhongyang ,one of the exhibitor, also the producer of the eagle, told that the eagle was completed by 17 more masters in almost 3 years and a half. Completed with rare cow horn and bones, rubies by difficult techniques. The long is 1.45m, 0.48m wide and 0.78m tall, and covered with 6696 pieces of feather,like of layers. It is reported that the claw and mouth are made of rare cow horn, eyes are filled with rubies.
Su said, we gave it the name Peng. It is nickname for Shenzhen, so we here to wish a better Shenzhen. Besides, he hoped that folk art and techniques could have the track with international and modern, keep moving on!