Speech at the the ceremony of donating the car

Dearest President Zhu Zhenzhong, President of Guangzhou Xu Ruisheng, ladies and gentlemen,

I have a dream at the time Guangzhou won the pride to host the Asian Game. I have dream to finish an artwork which combines with traditional ivory carving and modern handicraft techniques, in order to outstand in the world and carry forward the Lingnan cultures, I want make the whole know and learn more about Guangzhou ,our city. And today, I am very honored to admit that my dream has come true. It was very meaningful today, in 2009, 9th February in lunar month. Every fortune is coming for today and I hope that everyone here also get the fortune too.Auspicious Dragon is covered with a main huge dragon. As we know, dragon is a symbol for our Chinese, it prefers to unify and pray, hard working and harmony. Under the Dragon, we work hard, be brave, never give up and create, to flight against the difficulties.
We used the most challenging method to complete the sculpture. The dragons on the surface have also come from various dynasties, very vivid. There are two parts, one is the huge dragon which cover the most surface of the car, it is current. And the other part is the inside, also filled with dragons with also scriptures, it is static. We hope to express that we have a heave culture, also outstands the games would be passion and harmony Asia.
Dragon is great and respectable for us. It is an idea that positive and never give up, which encourage us to keep moving on and beyond. The same with the idea of Olympics.
The 2010 Asia Games host in Guangzhou is a big event for China, for Guangzhou. There are over 600 days left for us to prepare. Due to the lack of time, Mr. Zhu also appeal folk artists to contribute to the game. As a member of CPPCC, I felt excited and cheerful when his words was announced. How to show him our feedback and carry out our words, Zhu Peikun and I have prepared for a period. And today, we did!
The big event cheers us up. Money is not the only thing to measure our devotions. We now here, today, to appeal all the citizen to joining us, do more practical for the Asian Games. Therefore, let's show the world the most splendid Asian Games in Guangzhou.