Abandoning the old tradition, the bone sculpture absorbed pipuls

Yesterday afternoon, pipuls were very amazed by the delicate bone carving crafts, and raised problems to Su Zhongyang.
From this term, bone carving formly would have lessons in Changle Primary School, part of students would taught by masters with his own. They set a target to finish a huge artwork after a year's study, also as a gift to celebrate the Asian Games.
Su said, the first step is to play with the earth. It is over 2300 years history for bone carving. For every dynasty, the technique is taking over within family. But now, as time goes by, traditional techniques are fading away. We need our generation to wake it up, to dig it out and carry forward. So today, we open up the class. In the first period, we could select 30 pipul, a lesson per week on Wednesday afternoon. Every lesson takes 2 hours.
The headmaster of the primary suggested that they select the boys and girls who are good at drawing and more tender and silent.
After learning, we know that there are five steps to carve. They are modeling, drawing, designing, polishing and carving. The very beginning is playing with earth. For example, the kids should hold the earth in hand and try to model them into a ball. It sounds much easier than that you really do. Despite of difficulty and challenge, kids are full of passion.
Su also answered that kids are able to make a simple one after they have a year's study. And we are sure that the length to be a professor takes 15 years.