Interviewed with Su Zhongyang by Information Times

Information Times: last year, you have designed the AUSPICIOUS DRAGON, it shocked on the luxury exhibition. But someone thought it crazy and unpractical to put a ivory carving artwork on the top of a car. Did you regard as silly?
Su: First of all, I think I am an artist. You know, artist need crazy thoughts, kind of neuroticism. I don't care the way others look at me. What I want to express is an idea, with my works

Information Times: what stimulate you to make the car?
Su: Well, in 2004, one of my friends told me he was dying for a more luxury phone than diamond phone, so that I came up with an ivory phone. In 2005, the ivory phone at the price of 180,000 RMB appeared at the Canton Fair and Guangzhou Luxury Exhibition, only 6 phones were sold out speedy. Since the popular ivory, I gained more confidence in making ivory car. Thus, we made our thoughts to reality, the AUSPICIOUS DRAGON and IVORY Porsche were born.

Information Times: the price of the car was 20,100,000 RMB, has it sold out?
Su: it hasn't. The purpose I design the car is to show the world that we can mix the traditional techniques with the moderns. On the other hand, we gather funds for the Asian Games.

Information Times: Compared with the ivory car, it is more simple one this year? Why?
Su: we have different purpose. The BMW last year is to show luxury while this year, we want to show a signal of insisting and flighting against the difficulties. In spite of an artist I am, I am an CEO for Micheal Sui. Under the crisis, our export has decreased at least a half. The Porsche also a gifts that cheer me up, as well as others, never give up and flight forever.