Pk contest between luxury and low-cost

One is the exhibition of luxury, the other is which goods at low-cost, and today, they were coming to a PK game in Guangzhou.
Under the wind of financial crisis, luxury goods were hit at the very beginning. You must be amazing that the sellers are risky.
  The chief of Michael Sui, Su Zhongyang said that it was a great time for business group to accept the challenge, the longer you could insist, the better you can live. We are against the situation to enhance the investment, but our goods exported increased 25%. And today, we also increase the scale of exhibition.
 On the other side, on Beijing Road, small wholesale sellers also influenced by the crisis. Now they are trying to rescue with low-cost goods to attract the locals.
  Thanks to the holidays, the wholesale sellers try to sell their goods at the very low price. More than 700 sellers have taken part in and sell goods at the wholesale price, at 1yuan to 5 yuan.
 Luxury on the left, low price on the right, which side do you stand?