An ivory BMW appeared in the Shenzhen International toys and gifts Exhibitions

Yesterday afternoon, the 16th Shenzhen International toys and gifts exhibition has finally come to its end. Based on the data from the official, there have been over 126 thousand people to join during 4 days, about 85 thousand buyers were there. Both of the data are more than those last year. Our journalists also consulted the sellers about the order situation. Due to the world economics crisis, buyers were more considerate and bargained more than ever.
  According to the words from the host, there were 400 or more sellers retreated, among them, 30% were exporters. But latter, another 200 sellers joined which were coming from the Canton Fair.
Within 4 days, there were a ivory BMW amazed all the visitors. As reported, the BMW was covered with a huge dragon,at the price of 20,100,000 RMB, designed and completed by Micheal Sui group. Spent 3 years on the car, and gave it the name AUSPICIUS DRAGON.
It is 4.5m long, 1.81m wide and 1.9m tall, 2 ton in weight. Using with 4 mammoth teeth and 10 carat diamonds, gold, ruby and so on, kind of luxury. The way of the carving is also very difficult and featuring.
It is introduced that the car wears 99 dragons with various look, the main one covers a whole. Every scale is shinning, its claws are also catching the four wheels.