When gold and diamond love luxury car, the top luxury car in the world

Which one you may come up with when talking about the luxury car? Mercedes?Bentley? Bugatti Veyron? BMW?Or Lamborghini? Or some kind of millions of luxury? But the cars following are far more expensive than those mentioned above. They are covered with gold or diamond, which are hot among the billions.


Top one-- the diamond Mercedes SL
On a domestic luxury display, there was a diamond car. In spite of the real or fake, the diamond car was shocked..

Top two-- ivory BMW
Made of mammoth ivory, cows bone, gold, diamond and rubies, the BMW surrounds a huge dragon, a big head of dragon stands in the front of the car. There are two 2-carat diamonds in the eyes. The whole ivory are mammoth teeth, and covered with gold. Every piece of the body was car the buddha scriptures. The claws are catching the golden wheels. From a overall view, there are 98 dragons in different parts, a flying one on the top, means dragon flying creep in the sky. And the inside of the car, are also covered with mammoth here and there.