10 million RMB of Personal accident Insurance for the reporters of Guangzhou Daily

It was a good news that Guangzhou Daily reporters gained the 10 million personal accident insurance.
  Yesterday, Su sent a contract at the price of 10 million of personal accident insurance to our Guangzhou Daily reporters. He thought it aspiring to be Sichuan at this moment, while reporter has also need to make people know they are safe, especially their families.
Su has also confirmed that he couldn't live without Guangzhou Daily. The disaster has ruined a lot. But it is cheerful to hear that journalists were in front of it, and do their best to make Guangzhou known the latest situation. I hope I could do something for them. As known, Su is a member of CPPCC, a famous folk bone carving artist, he once gave works to four soldiers who flighted for the snow.
 The Wenchuan earthquake shocked all around China, even the world. When he opened the newspaper, read the latest news, he got moved. Thus, he decided to purchase the insurance for the reporters, 500 thousand a person.The charger of China life insurance company said, journalists is a job with high risky. We never accept to buy for them. But today, after we communicate time and time, and finally we agreed to settle for them. The reporters Guangzhou Daily were the lucky dogs.