The Unique Ivory Phone at 180 Thousand RMB

It is reported by the world luxury, the first ivory cell phone was produced by the folk artist in Guangzhou, and the phone would be a symbol when Micheal Sui group take part in the Canton Fair. The CEO of Michael Sui said, traditional techniques must follow the modern trend to get rid of the difficulty. The ivory mobile phone was the witness combined traditional and modern. You may say the copy one would come out, but I am firmly sure that every piece is different.
As known, the body of the phone was made of South Africa ivory, mammoth teeth and camel bones. Three of our masters spent three months on it, by several high-difficulty sculpture skills.
  Our reporter told us that the phone was based on a brand phone, covered with ivory. The phone is 11.3cm long, 5.2cm wide,2.9cm thick, about 200g. The phone includes four parts with 16 dragons. Every dragon has own character and dynasty. There are also some buildings in the phone, such as the citic plaza, Five goats mount and so on.

Su said that two of the phone have been booked. In order to welcome the coming 100th Canton Fair, our master write down a 100 in the middle of the phone, surrounding with the image, and peony to wish a better economics for our country, and pray for a prospect for the Canton Fair. We have produced 6 limited phones kind of it, at the price of 180 thousand yuan. Two of them have been booked and required to carve their names and personal zodiac.

We don't worry about the copy.
  In order to get rid of the position now we are facing, we dig out some ways. You can promote the oversea markets. And inside, you should follow the trend nowadays, catch the time step and innovate. Keep the tradition, also make it more practical and valuable. We hope to catch more attention from the foreign bidders via the Canton Fair to gain more business. We don't worry about copy, we are very confident at our products since they are various and unique. It consumes a long period to complete.