two catalogs

Jingdiao Fang
Michael sui

"Jingdiao Fang " and "Michael Sui" aspire to a succession of the intangible cultural heritage of the spirit. Thus, our craft masters continuously improve the production process. Years after years, with research and exploration, this traditional craft carving is not only retain, but also make it more glorious. One of founders, Mr. SuZhongYang, is a philanthropist and art director. Under his leadership, the team has created many famous bone-carving artworks, both at home and abroad. For example, the world famous art car " Auspicious Dragon" and the " with all hoping the unification”, are the representative works of him. He and his colleagues are in a flexible style on the creations. They created the first ivory mobile phone around the whole world, and set up two new expression: bone-carving car and bone-carving cell phone, which got the affirmation of the industry. They donated all the gains from auction for the mammoth ivory carving mobile to the hope primary school, while donate the car"auspicious dragon" to the 16 th Asian games organizing committee as well.

Michael Sui produces two catalogs, including collect arts (mammoth ivory and cow bone) and carft gifts (imitation bone carving and X-material carving gifts).

Our slogan is Innovate the technique and Reserve the tradition, so that make bone carving keep alive within the new era, even more splendid, not only protect the environment and wild animals,but also carry on the intangible cultures.