Guangzhou Flying Dragon Gifts & Trade Co., Ltd. was established in 1993 and registered in Guangzhou.

We have gathered Zhang Bo, Xie Yingsheng and kind of technology artists, who specialized in bone carving, glass and steel model, chahai, etc. The themes of creations are almost taken from Chinese and foreign masterpieces, myths, legends and buddhist stories. The styles are of elegance and variety with technology. The main composition of the products are ox bone or mammoth ivory etc., and almost design as a gift, handicraft, adorn article promotional advertising gift. Our target market mainly distributed in east China, south China, north China, southwest, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

Guangdong’s traditional craft ivory carvings is the one of the Chinese traditional intangible cultural heritage, which has been described as the world first-class collect art, and the skills can be traced back to about 6000 years ago. In the past, ivory carving was famous as the royal supplies. Nowadays, in Thailand palace, carving artworks are still appreciated, and somewhere in Southeast Asia, which covers a huge percentage of exports for Cantonese firms.

In 1989, ivory and its products were ban among international trade circulation. Guangzhou ivory carving has almost become one of coming disappearing intangible cultural heritages. Sculptors in this area experienced a sharp drop from thousands down to hundreds. Therefore, masters have to seek a way out. At the very first beginning, our factory was built up by six retirement national sculpture masters and their disciples. Under the premise of protection of wild elephants in Africa, they began to heat a way with ox bone and camels bone instead of ivory, to craft handicraft production copy.

In order to carry forward our national culture and heritage ancient techniques, we have created the carving artworks with animals’ bones and some practical jewelry cases,chopsticks and so on.

And now, our company has registered brand “Jingdiao Fang” and the international brand”Michael Sui”. We have earned great social repercussions and brand radiation by donation work "with all hoping the unification" to the Chinese people's political consultative conference, and donated an art car with ivory carved auspicious dragon at the value of RMB 20,100,000.00 yuan to the 16th Asian games organizing committee. And during that time, we won the reception from the President of CPPCC,Jia Qinglin and the vice-president of the People's Republic, Xi Jinping, the praise title.

We registered brand "Carving Arts Workshop" in order to focus on producing arts of collection, which are made of mammoth ivory and bone. The important organization collection institutions are including: the Chinese people's political consultative conference, Taiwan affairs office, China import and export fair, the 16 th the ocog, Japan Uozu city hall, the PLA Macao garrison, and other units. Our works are of award-winning, and we also got the most polite reception and admiration from our political party leaders.

"Jingdiao Fang " and "Michael Sui" aspire to a succession of the intangible cultural heritage of the spirit. Thus, our craft masters continuously improve the production process. Years after years, with research and exploration, this traditional craft carving is not only retain, but also make it more glorious. One of founders, Mr. Su Zhongyang, is a philanthropist and art director. Under his leadership, the team has created many famous bone-carving artworks, both at home and abroad. For example, the world famous art car " Auspicious Dragon" and the " with all hoping the unification”, are the representative works of him. He and his colleagues are in a flexible style on the creations. They created the first ivory mobile phone around the whole world, and set up two new expression: bone-carving car and bone-carving cell phone, which got the affirmation of the industry. They donated all the gains from auction for the mammoth ivory carving mobile to the hope primary school, while donate the car"auspicious dragon" to the 16 th Asian games organizing committee as well.

In the new historical moment, we devotes to the technology research and development, especially on seeking the way to stop the cow bone material from changing yellow, mildew, and smelly, some kind of scientific research projects. Finally, we created the skim virus-free synthesis in addition to taste new technology, creating new materials, X-material. This kind of material solves defects the aggregate yellow and mildew, and contains calcium of cow bone composition. After polishing and some kind of traditional carving techniques, a series of putting together and carving skills, every small exquisite components install into pieces of our delicate artworks, completely solve the problem due to duration. What’s more, the X-material can help brand to make industrialization and scale, which greatly solved industry inheritance the direction of development, settled the bottleneck and figured out a new way. Especially under the premise of banning ivory and its products among international and the protection of the African wild elephants, X-material can not only carry on the traditional ancient heritage development of carving techniques, but greatly develop the industry of the intangible cultural heritage.

Our slogan is Innovate the technique and Reserve the tradition, so that make bone carving keep alive within the new era, even more splendid, not only protect the environment and wild animals,but also carry on the intangible cultures.

Michael Sui produces two catalogs, including collect arts (mammoth ivory and cow bone) and carft gifts (imitation bone carving and X-material carving gifts).

NOTED: X-material means the renewable bone materials always.